Brocklesby Park Cricket Club

Brocklesby Park Cricket Club
All Matches in 1906

Innings Result / Highlights Date / Location
Grimsby Town:122 All OutDrawn
Brocklesby Park:74/5 30 - 5/?Grimsby (Littlefield Lane)
Elsham:116 All OutElsham won by 54 runs18/08/1906
Brocklesby Park:62 All Out 21Elsham
Brocklesby Park:76 All OutGrimsby Amateurs won by 6 wickets07/08/1906
Grimsby Amateurs:185 All OutJW.Wynn 21 - A.Dean 6/48Brocklesby Park
Brigg Town:123 All OutBrigg Town won by 69 runs30/06/1906
Brocklesby Park:54 All OutF.Holdway 11 - GE.Middlemist 11 - GN.Danby 11 - 5/?Brigg
Hull Stepney:93/6Drawn23/06/1906
Brocklesby Park:60/3GE.Middlemist 34* - 4/44Brocklesby Park
Grimsby Town:136/3Grimsby Town won by 91 runs16/06/1906
Brocklesby Park:45 All OutGS.Ransom 23 - 3/?Brocklesby Park
NER Clerks:154/2NER Clerks won by 108 runs02/06/1906
Brocklesby Park:46 All OutHull (Anlaby Road)
Brocklesby Park:62 All OutCaistor won by 0 wickets23/05/1906
Caistor:124 All OutGE.Middlemist 27 - 5/? - GE.Middlemist 5/?Caistor
Brocklesby Park:70 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 4 runs12/05/1906
Grimsby Amateurs:66 All OutGS.Ransom 23 - W.Leadbeater 3/?Grimsby (Peoples Park)

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