Brocklesby Park Cricket Club

Brocklesby Park Cricket Club
All Matches in 1953

Innings Result / Highlights Date / Location
Barton Town:165/5Barton Town won by 94 runs22/08/1953
Brocklesby Park:71 All OutP.Wykes 20 - P.Lancaster 2/26 - C.Turner 2/34Barton Town
Brocklesby Park:133 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 8 runs16/08/1953
New Holland:125 All OutP.Wykes 28 - JM.Greetham 3/23 - B.Clayton 3/38New Holland
Brocklesby Park:117 All OutAbandoned15/08/1953
Gainsborough Holy Trinity:5/0MJH.Davey 21 - MJH.Davey 0/0 - JM.Greetham 0/4Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:111 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 26 runs08/08/1953
Barnetby:85/9C.Turner 22 - MJH.Davey 3/10 - R.Oram 3/24Barnetby
Brocklesby Park:55 All OutEast Halton won by 8 wickets03/08/1953
East Halton:59/2Jim.Robinson 14 - MJH.Davey 2/8Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:145/5Normanby Park Works won by 6 wickets01/08/1953
Normanby Park Works:152/4K.van den Bos 41 - C.Turner 2/23Normanby Park Works
Grimsby Hockey Club:86 All OutGrimsby Hockey Club won by 35 runs28/07/1953
Brocklesby Park:51 All OutP.Wykes 16* - MJH.Davey 7/43Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:113 All OutNorth Thoresby won by 4 wickets25/07/1953
North Thoresby:114/6P.Wykes 39 - JM.Greetham 3/32North Thoresby
Brocklesby Park:67 All OutBrigg Grammar School won by 4 wickets22/07/1953
Brigg Grammar School:75/6C.Turner 20 - JM.Greetham 4/12Sir John Nelthorpe
Barton Town:114 All OutDrawn18/07/1953
Brocklesby Park:54/8MJH.Davey 20 - P.Raby 4/9Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:68/7Grimsby Police won by 7 wickets11/07/1953
Grimsby Police:69/3B.Clayton 20 - C.Turner 2/17Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:25 All OutGrimsby Police won by 8 wickets11/07/1953
Grimsby Police:41/2W.Hoyle 11 - R.Lyth 2/15Brocklesby Park
East Halton:84/9East Halton won by 51 runs08/07/1953
Brocklesby Park:33 All OutW.Whitehouse 9 - MJH.Davey 3/24 - C.Turner 3/29East Halton
Humberston:142/6Humberston won by 19 runs04/07/1953
Brocklesby Park:123 All OutK.van den Bos 26 - MJH.Davey 3/51Brocklesby Park
Caistor:76/4Brocklesby Park won by 2 wickets01/07/1953
Brocklesby Park:79/8B.Clayton 29 - MJH.Davey 2/21Brocklesby Park
Unknown:138 All OutUnknown won by 65 runs27/06/1953
Brocklesby Park:73 All OutK.van den Bos 30* - C.Turner 3/22 - B.Clayton 3/23Brocklesby Park
Havagoes:141/4Havagoes won by 69 runs26/06/1953
Brocklesby Park:72 All OutK.van den Bos 37 - JM.Greetham 2/52Grimsby (Littlefield Lane)
Brocklesby Park:78/6Brocklesby Park won by 7 runs24/06/1953
Electricity Board:71/9Jim.Robinson 48* - MJH.Davey 8/39Brocklesby Park
Gainsborough Holy Trinity:89 All OutGainsborough Holy Trinity won by 40 runs20/06/1953
Brocklesby Park:49 All OutP.Wykes 20 - MJH.Davey 4/23Gainsborough (Meadow Lane)
Grimsby Hockey Club:44/5Abandoned17/06/1953
Brocklesby Park:0/0 - P.Raby 3/21Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:95 All OutBarnetby won by 5 wickets13/06/1953
Barnetby:96/5K.van den Bos 31 - R.Lyth 2/27Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:65/6Brocklesby Park won by 14 runs10/06/1953
Cuxwold:51 All OutP.Raby 20 - B.Clayton 5/18Cuxwold
Brigg Town:170/4Brigg Town won by 132 runs07/06/1953
Brocklesby Park:38 All OutP.Raby 10 - W.Hoyle 3/41Brigg
Humberston:100/3Humberston won by 6 runs06/06/1953
Brocklesby Park:94 All OutK.van den Bos 31 - P.Lancaster 1/15 - C.Turner 1/23 - Jim.Robinson 1/25Humberston
Grimsby Police:109 All OutGrimsby Police won by 42 runs30/05/1953
Brocklesby Park:67 All OutK.van den Bos 13 - MJH.Davey 13 - R.Lyth 7/32Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:50 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 3 runs27/05/1953
Caistor:47/7P.Raby 19 - B.Clayton 4/16Caistor
North Thoresby:105 All OutAbandoned25/05/1953
Brocklesby Park:28/3C.Turner 7* - MJH.Davey 5/22Brocklesby Park
Cleethorpes:122 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 5 wickets23/05/1953
Brocklesby Park:128/5Jim.Robinson 40* - R.Lyth 6/23Cleethorpes
Brocklesby Park:110/8Brocklesby Park won by 51 runs16/05/1953
RAF Association:59 All OutB.Clayton 51 - R.Lyth 4/16Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:159/8Brocklesby Park won by 65 runs09/05/1953
Brigg Sugar Factory:94 All OutB.Clayton 26 - MJH.Davey 3/20 - R.Lyth 3/23Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:133/9Brocklesby Park won by 63 runs02/05/1953
Cleethorpes:70 All OutK.van den Bos 53 - MJH.Davey 6/15Brocklesby Park

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