Brocklesby Park Cricket Club

Brocklesby Park Cricket Club
All Matches in 1960

Innings Result / Highlights Date / Location
Brocklesby Park:134 All OutHartsholme won by 8 wickets20/09/1960
Hartsholme:135/2K.van den Bos 66* - JD.Hargreaves 1/22 - MCB.Burbidge 1/46Hartsholme
Barton Town:96/8Abandoned03/09/1960
Brocklesby Park:32/2K.van den Bos 18* - JD.Hargreaves 3/20Brocklesby Park
Normanby Park Works:125/8Drawn20/08/1960
Brocklesby Park:88/8H.Barton 41 - PB.Burbidge 3/14Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:40 All OutAbandoned13/08/1960
Southcliffe St. Andrews:0/0R.Foster 9Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:159/6Brocklesby Park won by 86 runs06/08/1960
Louth Hospital:73 All OutK.van den Bos 74* - PB.Burbidge 3/22Brocklesby Park
Gainsborough Holy Trinity:159/2Drawn01/08/1960
Brocklesby Park:103/5Jim.Robinson 48* - R.Oram 1/39Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:135 All OutAbandoned30/07/1960
Appleby-Frodingham:0/0G.Askew 39Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:31 All OutCaistor won by 6 wickets27/07/1960
Caistor:33/4R.Foster 13 - J.Dent 2/6Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:62/5H.Barton 19* - Jim.Robinson 3/25Brocklesby Park
New Holland:67 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 4 wickets20/07/1960
Brocklesby Park:68/6Jerrard 24 - J.Dent 7/23New Holland
Brocklesby Park:88 All OutAlford won by 8 wickets16/07/1960
Alford:90/2Jim.Robinson 25 - Jim.Robinson 1/4 - JM.Greetham 1/8Alford
Brocklesby Park:86/9Brigg Grammar School won by 6 wickets14/07/1960
Brigg Grammar School:87/4JM.Greetham 33 - PB.Burbidge 2/26Sir John Nelthorpe
Cleethorpes:60 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 5 wickets09/07/1960
Brocklesby Park:61/5JS.Scarborough 35* - JD.Hargreaves 4/2Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:44 All OutCleethorpes Rovers won by 9 wickets04/07/1960
Cleethorpes Rovers:46/1K.van den Bos 9 - PB.Burbidge 1/22Grimsby (Littlefield Lane)
Grimoldby:176/5Grimoldby won by 51 runs02/07/1960
Brocklesby Park:125 All OutJim.Robinson 70* - JD.Hargreaves 2/36Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:111/6G R Mawer's XI won by 8 wickets29/06/1960
G R Mawer's XI:112/2K.van den Bos 64 - Jim.Robinson 2/60Brocklesby Park
Hainton:176/9Hainton won by 100 runs25/06/1960
Brocklesby Park:76 All OutJS.Scarborough 35* - JD.Hargreaves 5/50Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:138/8Drawn18/06/1960
Alford:83/6JD.Hargreaves 28 - JM.Greetham 2/4 - JD.Hargreaves 2/25Brocklesby Park
Caistor:69 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 2 wickets15/06/1960
Brocklesby Park:70/8Jim.Robinson 37 - PB.Burbidge 7/21Caistor
Brocklesby Park:55 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 8 runs12/06/1960
Market Rasen:47 All OutCastle 23 - JM.Greetham 4/11Market Rasen
Barton Town:153/3Barton Town won by 56 runs11/06/1960
Brocklesby Park:97 All OutTA.Marshall 39* - R.Oram 1/8 - Jim.Robinson 1/12Barton Town
Sutcliffes:52/8Brocklesby Park won by 5 wickets08/06/1960
Brocklesby Park:54/5PB.Burbidge 25* - Jim.Robinson 4/20Brocklesby Park
Laporte:64/6Brocklesby Park won by 7 wickets07/06/1960
Brocklesby Park:65/3RN.Coulthurst 26 - PB.Burbidge 2/30Grimsby (Littlefield Lane)
North Thoresby:126/9North Thoresby won by 81 runs06/06/1960
Brocklesby Park:45 All OutJ.Dent 21* - PB.Burbidge 5/23Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:153 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 90 runs04/06/1960
Hartsholme:63 All OutPB.Burbidge 42 - R.Oram 3/7Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:77/7Brocklesby Park won by 5 runs01/06/1960
East Halton:72/8TA.Marshall 33 - J.Dent 4/10Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:166 All OutDrawn28/05/1960
Normanby Park Works:99/7R.Carter 33 - PB.Burbidge 2/7 - JM.Greetham 2/40Normanby Park Works
Brocklesby Park:78 All OutNew Holland won by 5 wickets24/05/1960
New Holland:79/5PB.Burbidge 34 - JM.Greetham 3/23Brocklesby Park
Brocklesby Park:139/9Brocklesby Park won by 7 runs24/05/1960
Elsham:132/9K.van den Bos 58 - PB.Burbidge 3/45Grimsby (Littlefield Lane)
Brocklesby Park:186 All OutDrawn22/05/1960
East Halton:143/9K.van den Bos 38 - JD.Hargreaves 4/41East Halton
Gainsborough Holy Trinity:86 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 6 wickets14/05/1960
Brocklesby Park:89/4Jim.Robinson 33 - JD.Hargreaves 6/15Gainsborough
Brocklesby Park:67 All OutBrocklesby Park won by 6 runs07/05/1960
Lincoln Ramblers:61 All OutJM.Greetham 22 - PB.Burbidge 5/18Brocklesby Park
Humberston:110 All OutHumberston won by 73 runs30/04/1960
Brocklesby Park:37 All OutW.Houlgate 10* - JD.Hargreaves 5/28Humberston

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