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Many thanks to the successive Earls of Yarborough for the ground. There may be other grounds as beautiful, but NOT many. It is now in excellent condition thanks to the efforts of successive members, but if our rustic pavilion and our car park are not up to County Standard, so be it. The equally below standard Lambert Hill Car Park used for the Country Fair took over 7,000 in a day for charity last June!

Thanks to many members in the club who could be singled out, both past and present, but in particular Mike Burbidge, Captain 24 years and producer of the averages in this book, and his father John Burbidge, our scorer, who recorded them in the first place. Also to our Match Secretary Arthur Marshall, who has arranged the matches for 33 years.

Thanks to the book "Lincolnshire Cricketers 1828-1993" by C J Bartlett, L King, P R Thorn, and K S C Thrushell, with particular thanks to Ken Thrushell for his pleasant encouragement.

Thanks to E K Chatterton for the books "Farming and Foxhunting" by Geo Collins and "Life of a Great Sportsman" by Mary Richardson.

Thanks to Kees van den Bos for his photographs.

Thanks to Lilian Pickering for showing me how to make the book, Lucy Harris for typing it and Irene Harris for making it.

If you do notice a mistake, don't tell us about it: look for the other fifty!

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