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We had a number of very useful crickets who joined us in the years 1967 to 85 to 91. Steve Bradshaw, a real quick, G Mumby, a good all rounder, S Trevor, a cavalier batsman, Andrew Page, an attractive bat, Dick Moore, deceptive, R Nixon, 660 runs at an average of 44.2, John Buxton who left us too soon. Then we had two batsmen: Steve Jarvis, average 7.3, who is now a Professor, and Mike Williams, average 6.3, who has a PhD. These two prove that academics don't always get runs.

Of course, the reverse is proved by Richard Thompson, who is a QC in Canada, and played one innings for us at 113 not out.

None of the former can equal William Carter, who played for Gainsborough against Brigg in 1876, and took eight wickets in twelve balls.

Recently, Charlie Brumpton, a pre-war member, presented his club cap to us, but a certain amount of malt liquor was involved. He was in the Grenadier Guards and taken prisoner in North Africa. when he returned after the war, he played for Barnetby. A photograph of the cap is on the frontspiece.

Now we have the averages up to date, thanks to Mike Burbidge, we find that Josh White has made 16,077 runs in 33 seasons, which includes 1009 last season, just think how many runs he would have made without a holiday every year.

Peter Burbidge has taken his tally of wickets to 1283, and has crossed another barrier by bowling a thousand maidens over. There must be a moral there, as well as a silly joke, as no one else is much more than half-way there. Peter now has 3 milestones of a thousand or more viz; rugby matches, wickets, and maidens. He'd be well advised not to go near the street in Jerusalem, they might find a job for him.

It was interesting to see that in the 1994 season, almost 40% of the wickets were taken by the leg spinners of Peter Thompson and Mike Burbidge, at reasonable cost. The batting averages at 30 per wicket, which is outstanding compared with 8.6 in 1949, makes one wonder how we lasted until opening time!

Of course, the bowling averages were around the 8 mark then, but the two still don't add up. The top of our batting averages look like a test team in a good year, with a hundred, a ninety, and two seventies at the top.

Mike Featherstone continued to make runs, and his hundred on a run-ridden day at Burgh le Marsh, when we needed runs was excellent. Simon Turner soon scored 2000 runs, and was very consistent last season, as was Chris Smith, whilst John Brumby may still be wondering where those two runs are coming from!

The other question is, where do we get one or two good stock bowlers. They don't grow on trees, but develop by bowling constantly at a wall or fence for hours. The future of the club is in your hands, but as long as there are two or three prepared to do the work, we shall have a club, although it is always gratifying if the two or three get a little help now and then.

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