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The players from Brocklesby Park, who played for Lincolnshire.

1865-69 William Richardson; educated - Harrow, round arm bowler RHB, also played for Hainton. born and lived in Limber.

1887 George Edward Heneage; educated - Eton and Trinity, listed only as Brocklesby. His kinsman, probably brother, was Colonel of the 10th Lincolns in Brocklesby Park in 1914; the last Lord Heneage.

1889 Rev Peter William Mayor; born Durham, educated Durham School, played for Brigg and Brocklesby Park.

1914 Joe was a true profession sportsman, he played for Lincoln City and later Sheffield United, for whom he scored the only goal in the Cup Final. In the summer he coached cricket at Eckersley School, and when the school term finished, he played at Brocklesby in the cricket week. He said he got tired of venison every day. When he retired he became landlord of the Wheatsheaf in Barton, very successfully.Read Full Report

1891-1909 Clubs Grantham and Brocklesby.

1926 Educated at Brigg Grammer, captain of the club, headmaster of Worlaby school, golfer at Elsham, clubs; Brigg and Brocklesby Park.

There are also three players who played for Brocklesby, but it was not their main club.

1867-68 John Maunsell Richardson, Hainton and Brocklesby.

1935-49 Harry Betmead, Grimsby Town and England international footballer.

1947-50 Henry Levick Spilman Coulthurst, Worksop College, Combined Sevices, Normanby Park.

It is surprising that our fellow club, Hainton, had one more county player than we had: seven in all, in a period between 1865-1995. It was therefore possible for them to have more than one player in the county side at once. Cuxwold also had two players in the side. It is hardly likely that the three clubs; Brocklesby, Hainton, and Cuxwold will ever again produce fifteen county players amongst them, even if they produce one at all. It could be said that the establishment picked these players in the past, which is probably true, and equally true nowadays, that we have another establishment, the league, which decrees that no one below a certain line in the league will play for the County.

  1. As far as I am aware he didn't ever play football for Lincoln City. He was with Gainsborough Trinity before joining Sheffield United. And whilst he did score in the 1915 FA Cup Final against Chelsea it wasn't the only goal of the match. It was the third, a few minutes before full-time, that made the final score 3-0; apparently a bit of a solo effort, dribbling past 2 defenders before rounding Molyneux the Chelsea keeper. - Michael Greer, great-grandson of Joe Kitchen, via email 28th April 2008

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