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1938 Club Cap and the Origin of the Badge

Brocklesby Park Cricket Club Cap 1938. Pink and white segments. Gold Buckle.

Sir John Pelham was given the right to wear the King's buckle by Edward III after the battle of Poitiers in 1356 when he captured the King of France. There is a window dedicated to Sir John in Canterbury Cathedral, in the Chapter House.

Club Cap from 1938

Author's note

What seemed to be a relatively easy task has shown me that there are remarkably few records of a club that is fast approaching its centenary year. It has taken many hours to bring together this 'first edition', mainly due to the time spent in finding the material. It has, nevertheless, been an interesting experience and I hope will stimulate the drawing together of more information for the Club archive.

Just prior to 'going to press' on June 17th 1995, I was fortunate to meet perhaps our oldest member, Wilf Gill. He visited the ground with his son Dave. One week later Wilf's memories, written by his son, arrived in the post. We have included them in unedited form. Wilf played for Brocklesby in 1923 and is now 94 years young.

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