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It would seem that the third Earl of Yarborough, Charles, (1862-1875), would be the first one to preside over the cricket club. Unfortunately he died young and his widow, the Countess Victoria was in charge during her son's minority. She eventually married Maunsell Richardson and lived in Brocklesby Hall that must have influenced the fourth Earl's sport a great deal.

He was the fourth Earl from 1880 to 1936. He certainly played cricket a good deal, as did several of the Brocklesby household. It was during his time that hunt cricket was probably at it's best. As he was Earl for fifty-six years, he was able to take part in a great many sporting activities.

As so often happens, the succeeding Earls were both quite mature when they succeeded to the title, and only lived for a further twelve and eighteen years respectively. They were too senior for cricket, but as we see, Earl Marcus was very supportive, he was the sixth Earl and served in the Lincs. Yeomanry during WW1.

It was the fifth Earl, Sackville, who founded the archery club and became quite keen. Unfortunately, it was split up by the War, and although it started up again the Earl felt too old, and only lived two years afterwards. The archery club lost its impetus.

The seventh Earl was too old for cricket and he probably wasn't interested, but he did leave us a memorial: a fine new boundary fence. Also, his efforts for the county boundaries ensured that Brocklesby is in Lincolnshire.

So, at last we have an Earl, the eighth, whom we see actually playing cricket. In spite of his protestations to the contrary, he shapes well, and can recognise his own no-ball or wide instantly. He has a coding of short words to describe them.

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