Brocklesby Park Cricket Club


We have had only four chairmen since 1942.

John Whitewood

Resigned in 1948. He managed to keep the Army from requisitioning the ground completely. He was Stud Groom at Brocklesby.

Percy Winn

A Habrough Coal Merchant. His greatest wish was to see his son, David, become a Brocklesby player. Unfortunately, David's wish was the reverse. However, Percy tried hard in spite of that.

John H Davey

Our most reliable spectator! His war wounds prevented him from playing his favourite game, He became British Archery Champion twice, he won more Public Meetings than any living man; he shot for England in Prague, Copenhagen and London, and was President of the Lincolnshire Naturalists trust. He farmed in his spare time.

A cloud should be drawn over the subsequent chairman:

Publisher's note See Chairman 1975-94 if unsure of identity.

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